August will be a year since I started Physiques in Motion with Sondra Fair.  When I first started I was surprised at how I was able to identify weaknesses in my body and how one side of my body was stronger than the other side.  Almost a year later, Pilates has helped me to focus on my core, flexibility, and balance.  Each session I feel my body challenged and can’t imagine a week without Pilates.  I have many things to learn on the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Kettlebells, etc. and I look forward to increasing my core strength.  Through Sondra, I have learned that a strong core will protect our bodies from injury and improve our posture.

Sondra Fair is amazing.  I have attended other pilates classes in the City but no one has taken the interest that Sondra has in making sure each session is done correctly.  Sondra wants everyone to learn good form and be familiar with the equipment.  Each month Sondra has everyone write their goals for the month.  She has an interest in helping everyone achieve their goals.  These are all things that Sondra does herself.  She continues to achieve her own personal strength and nutrition goals.

I am doing moves and exercises that when I first started would be impossible to accomplish.  I’m looking forward to how Pilates and Sondra will continue to help me achieve my goal for a strong and healthy body.

Marian Iwasaki


I am going on my 9th year of working out under the instruction of Sondra Fair.  I first started out doing Pilates with her, but over the years, Sondra has incorporated Kettlebells, TRX and Yamuna Ball Rolling into my workout routine.  I love the variety!  No two workout sessions are the same.  I think working out with Sondra for nine years is a testament to her excellent instruction.  She is VERY knowledgeable.  She knows and explains the purpose of each exercise as well as the benefits of doing it.  Sondra doesn’t miss a beat…always correcting your technique, making sure you do it right in order to get the most of your workout.  I would highly recommend Sondra to anyone wanting to get fit and strong, but doesn’t know where to begin.  Believe me, she is good!

Jan Takagi


Sondra Fair – “My Compassionate Teacher” of eleven years.

Sondra is an exceptional teacher and task master helping me to be more aware of addressing my personal issues and discovering methods that work for me.

Every session is a constant challenge as she can up the focus on routine movements to make them more effective.

Kimi Kasai 


I am a relatively new client at Sondra’s Pilates studio. When I began working with Sondra, I didn’t really have any experience in the Pilates training method. I have enjoyed learning Pilates with Sondra as my teacher. She is well-trained and technically correct. As an equestrian rider, I can attest to how much Sondra’s training has improved my core strength and has improved my riding. One huge advantage I have had working with her has been her training in not only Pilates but also in Russian Kettle Bells, TRX, and a variety of other strengthening and stretching disciplines. The cross-training that I have had with Sondra is diverse enough that I don’t feel the need to have any other gym or fitness center memberships. I have enjoyed working one-on-one with Sondra as well as in our small group training sessions. The clients at the Studio are dedicated and friendly. I have not only found a great place to train but I have found a supportive community of friends. Training at Physiques in Motion is well worth the time. Sondra tailor’s my sessions to my individual needs. Her knowledge of Pilates and strength training and fitness is evident in each of my sessions. I am always challenged and am progressing in my strength and coordination. As soon as my training is becoming “easier”, Sondra kicks things up a notch so that I continue to become stronger. As a person, Sondra is enthusiastic and dedicated. She is always willing to work around my schedule to make it possible to be there training as much as I can. Give it a try! You will discover that you have a huge potential training with Sondra at Physiques in Motion.

Kathleen Birch


I have worked with Sondra for three years.  Training with her has become a very important part of my week.  It is always fun, never easy and I the love the results that I see.  I feel stronger, leaner and have the energy I need to face my day.  Thanks Sondra!

Danna Burlingame


Feeling sluggish, tired, or out of breath when you climb a flight of stairs?  Just the reason you need to take a kettlebell class from Sondra Fair.  Maybe you just need to tone your muscles and build up some strength; or in my case, just find a muscle.

Before I started taking kettlebell classes with Sondra, I couldn’t lift 5 lbs., now I can lift 20 lbs. in each hand.  I feel that kettlebell is about core strengthening (stomach & back), balance, toning and endurance.  I do not wake up with back pain anymore.

Sondra teaches proper techniques to swing, lift, and move a kettlebell.  She motivates you to do your best, and her classes are personalized for each client’s strength and ability.  She takes time with each person and knows what to build on.  When I take one of Sondra’s classes, I benefit from her wealth of expertise.  She has registered certifications in many areas:  pilates, kettlebells, TRX, and Yamuna Body Rolling and not to mention a lifetime of professional dancing.

Men, these classes are for you too!  Sondra doesn’t expect you to do anything she can’t do herself.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Jodi Iwasaki


Sondra Fair is the kind of technician who knows how to correct you, encourages you to make goals, and helps you stay focused.  If you choose to let it be part of your life, the demands of Pilates are rejuvenating.  Sondra knows this, is truly excited about you finding success and strives to give you a great experience each session.  Sondra lives by her name.  She is a very fair business woman and keeps herself well- informed among her mentors and peers.  The investment with Sondra as my trainer has made it possible for this 60 year old body to play tennis 4 times per week.  She understands how to strike a mental and physical balance with conditioning.  She’s very personable and takes a genuine interest in you as her client.  I love working with all the equipment, mat routines and Yamuna rolling ball massage techniques.  When I started with her 4 years ago, Sondra knew exactly how to get me going.  I plan to keep Physique in Motion a part of my life for many more years thanks to her.

Susan Sandack