Working with Dan John

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Dan John has joined us at CrossfitNRG to introduce a new 40 Day Workout Challenge.  It not only encompasses 5 basic strengthening moves but also inserts progressions and correctives for each of the areas.  It is a moderate to intensive workout that is done for 40 days that will strengthen as well as correct imbalances and improve limitations.  For two days we worked on the various progressions that can be applied and inserted  into any type of workout:  KB, Crossfit WOD, Lifting, rehab, etc.  The...

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The Happiest of Birthdays from James Sjostrom

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Once in a while someone walks into our lives and our lives are changed forever… This is a pretty bold statement. As a Coach, I like to believe I am able to learn more than I teach. Every student that I get honored with instructing is a teacher as well. I believe this on every size, reaction, vibration, interaction, or whatever. Clearly, I am no spiritual Guru. I guess, what I am trying to say is that you all have helped me far more than I will probably help you. You have given me purpose in this world. On...

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Kettlebell Class sans video

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This is a double kettlebell class.  The workout was 2 double swings, 1 clean, 2 (R L) single hand press,  2 front squats.  Repeat with 3, then repeat with 5.  I took a short 30 second video of this kettlebell class and it looked really great; excellent panorama sweep, dazzling resolution, everyone was captured doing the full exercise.  I downloaded it from my phone into my computer with the intention of posting it as part of this blog.  Hellooooo.  Never to be seen again.  I cannot find it in my...

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CrossfitNRG Christmas Party

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