Once in a while someone walks into our lives and our lives are changed forever…

This is a pretty bold statement. As a Coach, I like to believe I am able to learn more than I teach. Every student that I get honored with instructing is a teacher as well. I believe this on every size, reaction, vibration, interaction, or whatever. Clearly, I am no spiritual Guru. I guess, what I am trying to say is that you all have helped me far more than I will probably help you. You have given me purpose in this world.

On occasion, we get an exceptional star at NRG that makes everyone stronger. This particular star has shown me what commitment, discipline, trust, motivation, and tenacity really mean.

In August of 2008 I recieved an Email from a Pilates instructor that wanted to learn kettlebells. We met up, she expressed her goals and we got to work. Her first goal was to become an RKC. In Spring of 2009 attended the RKC in San Jose, CA and trained for 3 days in 100 degree weather. She Passed!

During this time She showed me that the concepts, skills, techniques, exercises, programs, and methods I have learned from Pavel Work. They work for me and they worked for Sondra Fair SFG. This week Sondra turned 70 years old and is still getting stronger. Not just strong for a 70 year old, I mean strong. I have seen Sondra strict press a 16k, Turkish Getup a 16k, Waiter walk with a 20k, Double Clean, and Front Squat Double 16ks. She can out work most of you pound for pound and do it with a smile on her face. I share all of this because if these techniques work for Sondra and I, they will work for you.

All of this is really impressive on paper, but this isn’t where getting to know Sondra has changed my life. Day in and day out, she carries herself with poise, elegance, joy, strength, and focus. Sondra Fair makes me a better person. One of my favorite characteristics of Sondra is that while she spends time in my classes each week to make herself stronger, her true passion is helping others. She is an excellent Coach! Her clients goals are her goals, and she goes to great lenths to ensure she is teaching the highest quality of strength and movement. Currently, she is certified in Pilates, SFC, RKC, yamana body rolling, TRX and probabaly some stuff I have never heard of.

If you haven’t had the honor of taking a class from Sondra, I highly recommend it. In Fact, I insist upon it. She will blow your mind, strengthen your body, and inspire your spirit. She teaches here at NRG Monday and Wednesday at 0800.

Sondra Fair I am honored!
Happy 70th Birthday!!


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