The first Primal Move Foundations was held in Salt Lake City on Sunday, October 21 at CrossfitNRG.  This was the entry training session for Primal Move Certification.  There were six of us personal trainer types taking the seminar with Andrea Chang of Seattle and Zar Horton of Albuquerque.  This followed the day after they led the first HKC certification in Salt Lake City.

We should all be able to move our own bodies; however, lack of movement from pain, injury or discomfort have made it difficult to enjoy moving.  Primal Move is about being happy, enjoying movement again like we did when we were kids.  Having functionally coordinated muscles, low body fat and moving well and pain free is the goal of Primal Move.

Well, from 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday, we moved every muscle and joint in our bodies in every direction and level possible.  It was a tremendous experience.  We played games and charged all around the gym.  I mention all this because it will be coming to your workouts at Physiques in Motion and at CrossfitNRG.  Be prepared to let the games begin!

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