This is a double kettlebell class.  The workout was 2 double swings, 1 clean, 2 (R L) single hand press,  2 front squats.  Repeat with 3, then repeat with 5.  I took a short 30 second video of this kettlebell class and it looked really great; excellent panorama sweep, dazzling resolution, everyone was captured doing the full exercise.  I downloaded it from my phone into my computer with the intention of posting it as part of this blog.  Hellooooo.  Never to be seen again.  I cannot find it in my computer!!   This is the only picture taken during the class.  Not exactly panoramic but they look good, right?  I was so proud of  being able to actually take a video…techno savvy me.  I’ll keep trying and let you know when I get it right.

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