Sondra Sugai Fair has been training fitness clients for over eleven years.  She started her journey into the world of fitness through ballet and pilates.   She has been a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor since 2000.  At the time, pilates seemed a natural extension and progression from her already established career as a professional ballet dancer, ballet mistress and assistant artistic director.

In September of 2008, Sondra began kettlebell training under the guidance of RKC* Level II instructor James Sjostrom.  In August of 2009, Sondra took the Russian Kettlebell Challenge in San Diego, California.  Upon passing a three day rigorous “hard style” kettlebell course under the direction of founder and Chief Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, Sondra became a certified RKC instructor.

In February of 2009, Sondra participated for the first time in the TRX Suspension Training course with Chris Frankel.  The following year, she completed the Group Suspension Training course and in 2011, she completed the TRX Sports Medicine Level 2 Suspension Training course with Sydney Jones and Jimmy Yuan.

On October 8, 2011, she completed her first RKC recertification in San Diego with Geoff Neupert, master RKC. After passing the recertification, she was invited to be an assistant at a future RKC certification.

In December, 2011, Sondra finalized her Yamuna Body Rolling certification and is now offering Body Rolling as part of her personal training package at Physiques in Motion.

Sondra continues her own training and improvement of skills by continuing to practice pilates in her own Physiques in Motion studio in Salt Lake City, Utah where she teaches clients sessions that include pilates, kettlebells, TRX and Yamuna Body Rolling.  She travels to Chicago and Seattle to obtain training and to attend recertification seminars for Romana’s Pilates with Sari Mejia Santo, Juanita Lopez, and Cynthia Lochard.  She continues to take kettlebell classes and personal one-on-one training from James Sjostrom in Salt Lake City at CrossfitNRG where she also teaches a kettlebell class.  In addition to NRG, Sondra has extended her expertise to teaching at Fitness on 7th and the Classical Ballet Academy in Provo.

Her plans for 2012 include a TRX Rip training course in August and undertaking the elite challenge of the RKC II in October.

*Russian Kettlebell Challenge is a “hard style” trainer certification program and a school of strength developed by Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline.  Sondra Fair is a certified RKC instructor